Made in the USA,
NOT Outsourced!

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Available for your software/computer needs:

Why outsource when you can have local support?
- Custom software design for your company-
- Existing software debugging -
- Remote PC support -
- Wireless setups -
- Basic web site creation -
- Software maintenance -
- Convert your paper trail to manageable data -
- Computer training -
- Virus/Spyware removal -
- High speed DSL/Cable installs -
- Data transfer to other machines -
- Other pc support needs -


Minor home improvements and repairs, including:

Why wait to finish that list of repairs?
- Security camera and alarm installations and repairs -
- Ceiling fans and light fixtures -
- In-ground sprinklers -
- Stereo, TV, Electronics setup -
- Sinks and faucets repair-
- Toilets & disposals -
- Blinds and curtains -
- Door knobs and locks -
- Pictures hung -
- Furniture assembly -
- Toy assembly -

Based in Lake Worth, Florida



Adopted support & upgrades for existing custom software in:
Filemaker 5.5 (yes, 5.5 is still used)
Microsoft Access

Created Software in:
C, C++, C#
Visual Basic
Perl, PHP, Python, TCL
Excel Scripts

Custom software written for:


Besides creating custom software for clients, who then own all rights to the software, some of the other software used by the public our staff has created:

TRX Android Suite, an Android/Windows remote client-server application suite providing remote control for select Whistler scanners. Listen to your scanner when you are away from home on your Android device.

win500-A Client, an Android remote client app for the popular win500 scanner utility. Listen to your scanner when you are away from home on your Android device.

ICQ-IP, a tool used with an old version of ICQ to update host table with contact's IPs so thier computers can be addressed with a domain name instead of searching for their IP every time. This was created before Dynamic DNS services existed.

Cantenna Calculator, a PalmOS app for calculating can size and probe locations for the best possible functionality from your cantenna


FREE Software to help you out. I put these here since I am often asked about them, and they are great software.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Download the FREE version. Install it (you can choose not to have the free trial), update the software, and then run a scan. When it finishes, reboot. You should be all fixed. This is a great tool that fixes many computer issues related to spyware.

TDSSKiller - If Malwarebytes cannot remove the pesky spyware, try this FREE one. It will remove rootkits and other things. If this one and Malwarebytes still cannot fix your issue, contact us!

Apache OpenOffice - FREE desktop office suite. Works just as good as Microsoft Office. Once installed, go to the file settings and set it to automatically open and save Office files. No one will know the difference.