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Win500 Android Client is a streaming client for the popular Win500 scanner software. You must have access to a computer running StarrSoft's Win500 monitor software to use this app. The app allows you to listen to (and control) your desktop scanner via your Android device while you are across the house or across the world. This Win500 Android Client is SOLD SEPARATELY from the original Win500 from StarrSoft. The Software Handyman, Inc. and StarrSoft are two separate identities.

Special notes:

Download Link:

win500a_v1_4.apk - Version 1.4

win500a_v1_3.apk - Version 1.3

win500a_v1_2.apk - Version 1.2

win500a_v1_1a.apk - Version 1.1a

win500a_v1_1.apk - Version 1.1

win500a_v1_0.apk - Version 1.0 - Initial release

Quick Setup Test Hint:

Load StarrSoft's remote app on the same computer as the main win500 app and test via pc to ensure everything (audio, transmission) is working with win500 before trying the Android client. Make sure your data cable and audio patch cables are hooked up. You can load the win500 windows client on the same machine as win500 is running. I am planning on adding a page on how to set this and port forwarding up.

Settings Dialog:

Android Permissions Needed:

Registration Information:

Trial is limited to 5000 data packets (about 5-6 minutes) of streaming per day.
Registration removes this limit and costs $10.
Win500 Android Client is SOLD SEPARATELY from the official Win500 software.

Click here to register

When entering registration information, it must be EXACT, case sensitive, spaces - EVERYTHING.

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Send an email to We'll get you working!

Special thanks to Don & Barry!

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